Foundation Of Kanabecboxers

Canadians from origin, we moved in the United States in 1988, to pursue our careers. At the time, we already owned a boxer, Moka, a pet with uncropped ears. She was far to have the look of the Kanabec boxers, but she was the sweetest thing on earth and will always hold a special place in our heart.  One of us having been raised with boxers for over 30 years, we got involved in dog shows, under the guidance of Karen Speck, our friend and handler, who did initiate us to this world of its own. In 1992, we purchased Thanque Field of Dreams (Jogger) (to the left), a 7 months old puppy, then we got Kenon’s Gold Ribbon (Chilly), and, a year later, Kenon’s Gold Drizzle o’Kanabec (Pepper). Kanabec was born, with its three foundation dogs.