Kanabecboxers The Boys

Stud dogs living, owned, co-owned or leased by Kanabec Boxers
or  the ones on which Kanabec Boxers have legal breeding rights to use in their breeding program

Can. Ch. Kanabec’s Black Jack (Nitro)

Nitro completed his Canadian Championship,
a few days after his first anniversary.

Nitro is presently the proud sire of some of the new generation of Kanabec Puppies

Can. Ch. Kanabec’s Black Gold (Harley)

Harley is Willie’s son.
The apple did not fell far from the tree.
When the time comes, he will be fully tested.

Kanabec’s Fire And Ice (Buddy)

 Buddy belongs to Mrs. Kim Dye

Kanabec Boxers did reserve some breeding rights on Buddy
for their breeding program in the future.
When the time comes, he will be fully tested.

Lament of a Stud

My job is making puppies
And I get two tries at that
They pat me on the head and say “Good Boy”,
And that is that.

It’s half my job to give ’em
teeth and toplines, fronts and other, 
Remember, it’s only Half my job…, 
They also have a mother.